Week commencing Sunday 14 August

This week please remember the following members of our fellowship: Bryan & Toni; Liz & Jessie; Angelika; Nantur & Teplong, Gahmi, Manji & Hann; Jon & Jo, Eliza & Jacob; Margaret & Peter; Cec & Pam.

Prayer points for this week

Sun   Revd Ross Maynard leading worship today

Mon  All suffering from climate-change-related drought and famine

Tue    Thanks for a start to greening our space outside the lower hall

Wed Ukrainian refugees living in Exeter; their families still in Ukraine

Thurs Peaceful Kenyan election outcome at a time of economic

Fri      For fair solutions to the huge price increases for energy & food

Sat    Visitors to Exeter this summer and those working in local shops

Sun   Revd Hannah Alderson leading worship today


Eco Corner: What goes where? Toothbrushes that are too soft to use any more on your teeth can be given to Lynn B – she will use them at Double Elephant to clean inky items.                     Mary

Summer Holidays: our ministers are all taking some time off. Peter will not be working until Thursday this week. The Pastoral Care Team will be available if you want to talk to someone. 

Famine in East Africa: drought has hit a number of countries which are also suffering the increased costs of basic foods which normally come from Ukraine or Russia. This threatens their populations with starvation. Several charities are able to save lives there if we give them the money, such as BMS World Mission at or Christian Aid at
More details are on the notice board in the Lower Hall.

Deacons’ Election: none of our deacons has come to the end of their three-year term this year. However, as we have two vacancies on the diaconate, we would be pleased to have new nominations. Please ask Mary for a nomination form: any member can nominate another, but you have to get their permission first.