We are one church with congregations at South Street, Exeter and in the village of Brampford Speke:

South Street Baptist Church is located at the hub of the City Centre, close to Exeter Cathedral. It incorporates the Palace Gate Centre alongside the worship area – the Centre is used intensively throughout the 7 days of the week by a range of community groups, small ethnic Christian groups, etc – as well as by the Church. 

Brampford Speke is a small village of about 500 people, six miles north from the centre of Exeter. The Chapel is near the school, in the centre of the village.

We are a "broad church" and include people with a wide range of Christian beliefs. We seek to welcome and provide for people of all ages, from babies in the crèche to the numerous octogenarians in our Church Family. We also cater for people from many different countries, from all walks of life, across the whole spectrum of society

We don’t expect people to endorse a set of doctrines. We accept into church membership those who genuinely profess their conviction that Jesus Christ is their Lord. We have an open baptistry at the front of the church, beneath a large wooden cross. We offer believers’ baptism by immersion in water, to those who wish to demonstrate their love and commitment to Christ in this dramatic and powerful way.

We welcome into our Church Family students from Exeter University, language schools and other colleges whilst they are in Exeter, and encourage them to join in the life of the church.