Services from 20 September 2020

We look forward to welcoming you back into our South Street Church building.  We plan to open each Sunday morning starting from 20 September. 2020.

In order that this can happen we have undertaken a full Covid-19 Risk Assessment The changes listed below include the requirements highlighted in the risk assessment for coming to church.  For full details of the Risk Assessment please use this link

Your safety is our priority in these difficult times. As a result the service will be different from that you would have previously experienced.  We will continue to adapt as necessary to changing circumstances. 

In the morning, before you come to church assess your own health:

Do you have a temperature? Do you feel hot to touch on your chest or back?

Have you developed a new, continuous cough?

Has your sense of smell or taste changed?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may have Covid 19 and must not come to church. Contact the NHS.

If you answer no to all the above questions then when you come to church these are some of the Covid 19 measures you are asked to follow:

 - Whilst we will warmly welcome you at the entrance we must comply with social
    distancing regulations so cannot shake your hand or bump elbows.

-Please comply with 2 m social distancing outside if there is a queue at the entrance door

- You are required to wear a face covering (unless exempt) over your nose and mouth when you enter the church and through the whole service.

- Sanitise your hands using the hand sanitiser station when you come in.

- Please follow the one way system indicated and any instructions given

-2 m social distancing will be in place and the congregation is limited to a maximum of 30.

-Because of social distance requirements you will not be able to sit in your regular position or near a particular friend. You can sit next to those from your household.

- A basket will be placed in the church if you want to make an offering but will not be passed round. We urge you to consider giving by bank transfer or online.

-Doors will be kept open to provide ventilation. Please wear something warm.

- The toilets are open but only two people at a time may go in. Wash and sanitise your hands afterwards.

- We will be showing the recorded Sunday service which goes live on our YouTube channel that day.

- A minister will host the service with some “live” elements, such as the talk, dedication of the offering or the intercessions. The live part may vary each week.

-Regrettably we cannot have any congregational singing

-Please bring your own Bible if you wish to follow the readings.

- The church will be open for a shorter period of time; the front doors will not open until 10.45 am to start around 11 am.

- before and after the service, you are asked not to socialise with others in groups of more than 6 people. Limit the interaction you have with people not from your household.

- there will be no  refreshments after the service and to minimise the time spent indoors with others, we are advised to disperse promptly when the service ends

- should you become unwell with Covid 19 symptoms during the service, please inform one of the welcomers and leave the church immediately. Go home and contact the NHS.

- For NHS  Test and Trace purposes we will be keeping a register of everyone 
   attending. We will keep each register for 21 days and then it will be destroyed

Whilst we are want to welcome you back into Church we urge anyone particularly at risk of serious illness from Covid-19 NOT to attend. The UK government advises anyone who was told to shield during lockdown not to attend a church service indoors and anyone over the age of 70 or with a medical condition that puts them at greater risk (diabetes, asthma, reduced immunity for example) to carefully consider their personal risk and to minimise contact with people from other households.

Advice on assessing your own personal health risk can be found at: