Monthly letter from our minister

Each month our minister Simon, or his assistant Peter, or Ross our Community Minister, writes the introductory letter to our Church News magazine. The latest letter is reproduced here.

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Where is God at work? What is God saying?

 These are two questions I have been asking constantly in the brief time I have been your Community Minister. My task over the past month and my task going on into the future will be to ask God to open my eyes and ears to see what he’s doing and hear what he’s saying to me.

 Let’s think about those two questions for a moment.

 Where is God at work?

 Last week Alice and I were walking through the city getting jobs done and exploring. Suddenly Alice stopped, struck by the beauty of an ancient building. It was the building that sits above and overlooking the Laura Ashley shop in the High Street. The whole building is a perfect mix of old and new, ancient and modern and I’d missed it. Why? I missed it because I didn’t look up.

 How often do we miss what God is doing because we fail to look up - and around, for that matter? We march from place to place, task focussed, blinded by our tunnel vision. We miss the beautiful flower forcing its way through the cracks in the concrete. We miss the stunning ancient architecture hidden within the shopping centre. We miss the graffiti artists’ work sprayed upon an urban canvas.  We miss the churches all around, their doors wide open to the community. We miss the poverty: the homeless begging on shop doorsteps and wandering around in large groups.

 It’s so easy to fail to see where God is at work all around us, because we’re blinded to what’s going on all around us.

What is God saying?

 I am one of those ‘young people’ (if I can still be called that at 30) who is always walking around with my ‘noise reduction’ headphones on. I love music and relish the opportunity to block out all other noise and listen to it. The problem is, the headphones aid my tunnel vision. They help me go from place to place oblivious of the world around me and the God trying to speak to me.  

It’s been such a joy to be gifted the time to walk around Exeter trying to discern what God is saying to me and where he wants me. These pursuits have led me to chat to an ex-convict, a Dutch couple on holiday, a Big Issue seller, numerous people begging and lots of shop assistants and owners.

This week, I want to encourage you to join me in asking God where he’s at work and what he’s saying. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing later, ask our loving Father to help you see and hear. Ask him to show you where he is at work and what he’s saying.

 ‘Father, help me see and hear. Where are you at work? What are you saying to me?’


Revd Ross Maynard


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